Selling your home and have pets?

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Selling your home can be stressful, even more so if you have any four legged family members!

Follow these top 5 tips;

1  Be conscious that although you don’t think the dog smells, a potential purchaser might disagree!  The week before launching your property for sale, either wash your prize pooch or take them to the groomer for a good scrub.

2  Wash all bedding or replace with new – if possible tidy away for viewings.  Ensure litter trays are clean or remove from property altogether.  Make sure gardens are free from any pet mess.

3  Keep the vacuum on standby!  Vacuum before every viewing, you want both dog lovers and non-dog lovers alike to feel comfortable on the viewing.  Try and keep furniture and carpets hair free.

4  Preferably remove pets during viewings, it can be stressful for both pet and viewer having and being a stranger in the property.

5  For more unusual pets make sure cages/tanks/enclosures are clean and secure.